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A series of 8 films by Camille and Manolo

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Ten art films by Camille & Manolo in seven different countries, Istanbul, Berlin, Rotterdam, Marseille... The Centaur, a hybrid creature, leads us in the wake of his roaming, questioned by the world around him and the search of the other.

"Faced with the barbarism of the real, the wild beauty of the Centaurs is an exceptional impact strength. A disturbing and sensual poetry." Télérama ****


A centaur labourer at the Port of Rotterdam. Suddenly, a metallic dance breaks out. The centaur, as conductor, gives life to the machines around him. Everything is in full operation. The centaur finishes by fading away. More dance, more music, just a trace of life.


A centauress crosses Europe with her baggage. As she passes through Berlin, Rotterdam, Graz, Turin and Sagunto, she is submerged by all of these cultures. Arriving in Marseille, she joyfully loses herself, for one last time, in the vastness of the sea.

North Sea

Immense winds upon the sands. A centaur is sat on the dunes, his back to the viewer. A centauress stands motionless in the wind. The sand whips up in her face. She is soon engulfed by the storm. The wind and the sea then retreat and fade away. A centaur's breath is heard as he gallops under the colossal black sky.


Hydrocarbon is a visual poem, outside of the fields of conventional dramaturgic narration.
This film is composed of surrealist impressions of a half-human, half-animal being in the landscape of ancient Eastern Europe. With a coal plant, oil pipelines, and pools of hydrocarbons, this film is a metaphor for nature overcome, modified, industrialised.


The eye of the centaur contemplates without understanding the immense machine before him. The smoke. The pipes. The grinding of metal in the night. The machine never sleeps; it transforms under the watchful eye of the centaur.


This city is the union of two continent, a crossroads of people, a city of all trade and exchange. Humans and centaurs unite for the night. Although they are different, is it not still, to a small degree, a love story?


The eye of the centaur opens over the port. Cigarette smoke. Chimney smoke. Cargo ready to be loaded. Anticipation. A female centaur, upright, vertical. The mooring ropes creak . Amongst the containers appears a third centaur, an illegal immigrant. Suddenly, it's a race. The quays are his escape routes. He is pursued in the hangars and across the dock cranes, accelerating until the final moment.


A male and a female centaur are sat on the dunes, around them, a radio, a ball and a sandcastle. It is raining on the sea. A boat fades into the horizon. Three necks, three rumps galloping like a wave. Salty tears and drops of rain will all be covered over, wiped away by the sea.

30th Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival
Rotterdam International Film Festival
Nouveau Cinéma Festival (Montreal)
Sao Paulo International Film Festival
Istanbul International Film Festival
Tous Courts Festival (Aix en Provence)
Terschelling Oerol Festival
Valencia Film Festival
Briey Film Festival
Graz Film Festival
Châteauroux Film Festival
Turnhout Film Festival
Zurich Film Festival
Lausanne Underground Film Festival
Goldenboll Film Festival of Adana
Lanton Festival
Bratislava FIFFBA Festival
Brooklyn Film Festival
Aubagne Film Festival
Equus Film Festival NYC
National Centre of Arts Festival at the Cirque Nexon

Silver Bear at the Festival of Nations (Ebensee)

TERSCHELLING-FLUX from Neon Productions on Vimeo.

ODESSA from Neon Productions on Vimeo.

MARSEILLE-FLUX teaser .mov from Neon Productions on Vimeo.


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